Replacing A Roof Overhung By A Tree? Follow These Tips

When your whole roof or a section of it is overhung by a tree, the shingles can break down more quickly. This is due to the moisture that the tree "traps" on the roof since it blocks air circulation and sunlight. The tree can also litter organic material, like leaves and twigs, onto the roof leading to moss and algae growth. What is important to remember is that the tree won't just affect the existing roof.

What Are Your Choices In Wall Insulation?

You may be too warm in the summer and chilly in the winter inside your home if your walls aren't properly insulated. Your money is also being wasted through added cooling and heating costs. The best time to add insulation is the more temperate seasons of spring and fall, but it's never a bad time to keep the bad weather out and the treated air inside your home. Adding Insulation to New Construction

Understanding, Repairing, And Preventing Dull Mower Blades

Caring for your lawn is an important element in protecting your home's curb appeal and value. Regular mowing, weed eating, and blowing may be considered high-priority tasks, but ensuring these chores are conducted in a proper manner is also necessary. While surprising to learn, mowing the lawn with rusty, dull blades can do enormous damage to your grass, decreasing the look of your yard. In addition, the damaged grass blades will affect the underlying health of your lawn, requiring aerating and reseeding or laying down new sod.

3 Parts of a Construction Inspection

When a home is being built, it is very important that it is built correctly. Cities and states have laws in place that require builders to have inspections at different points during the home building process. These inspections help to make sure that the home is being built correctly from the get go, and that it continues to follow building protocol as it is being finished. This article will discuss 3 different parts of the construction inspection in more detail.

Advantages Of An Attached Garage During A Custom Home Build

When you're designing your custom home, one of the things that you'll need to consider is the garage. There are many customizations you can make to the garage to ensure that it specifically suits your needs, but you'll also want to think about its location. While a detached garage — that is, placed separately from your home — can be visually appealing and offer a number of perks, there are several advantages to going the customary route of having this structure actually attached to your dwelling.