4 Outbuildings You Should Insulate

If you have a relatively large backyard or live out in the country, you may have outbuildings such as detached garages, storage sheds, or a wellhouse. Many sheds are simple shells thrown up with no insulation at all, which can make them very susceptible to temperature extremes.

Insulation contractors can help you reduce your buildings' susceptibility to extreme cold by adding insulation. Here are four outbuildings you should insulate if you have them in your yard.

1. Hobby Workshop

If you enjoy woodworking, DIY projects, or other power tool-related activities, you may have a shed or a garage that you use as a workshop. If this is the case, you likely spend time out there working on projects even during hot or cold seasons. Insulating this building can greatly increase the comfort factor and reduce the electricity needed to heat and cool the building.

2. Wellhouse

A wellhead needs protection from extreme cold, or it could freeze up. This is why if you have a wellhouse over your wellhead, you need to make sure it can perform this protection function adequately.

You can add insulation to the inside of the walls as well as to the outside of the wellhead. You may also need to put a heat source (such as a light bulb) inside the wellhouse if you live in a very cold climate.

3. Barn or Other Animal Shelter

Whether you raise animals as a hobby or raise livestock as a business, you'll find it practical to provide a well-insulated structure for your animals. The insulation helps to keep animals warmer in extreme cold. Some reasons you may especially need to offer animals additional protection from the elements include:

  • Reducing the amount of grain animals need to eat to stay warm
  • Helping sick, injured, freshly sheared, or newborn animals survive the cold
  • Letting you stay comfortable when doing chores
  • Protecting your animals from blizzards and other extreme weather

As you can see, a number of scenarios can arise that may require more protection than thin, uninsulated walls can provide.

4. Storage Shed

Whether you're storing hay for your livestock, lawn, and garden equipment, or something else, insulation can be very useful for a storage shed even if you don't live in a particularly harsh climate. One reason to add insulation to a shed is to reduce condensation.

If you're storing something moisture-sensitive, such as hay, feed, garden seeds, or birdseed, this can be critical for mold prevention. Moldy hay or feed can sicken livestock and can even get humans sick who handle the moldy item.

These are just a few examples of outbuildings you may have in your yard that need insulation. For more information on insulating outbuildings, get in touch with one of your local insulation contractors today.