Know The Risks: How To Protect Your Roof This Winter

Winter is officially just around the corner, and with winter comes the roofing hazards. You might not realize this, but your roof is at an increased risk for damage during the winter, especially if special precautions aren't taken. Four issues are particularly hazardous for your residential roof. Here are those four risks, as well as four steps you can take to protect your roof against them. 

Icicle Formations

When it comes to winter roofing concerns, icicles should be at the top of the list. One of the problems with icicles is that most people ignore the formations. Unfortunately, ignoring the icicle formations that develop along the edge of your roof can cause serious damage. Those tiny icicle formations might not pose a threat, but the larger they grow, the more serious the threat becomes. That's because the weight of larger icicles can separate the roof from the roofing material, exposing the underlayment to the risk of water damage. To protect your home, remove icicle formations immediately. 

Snow Pack

If you leave the snow on your roof because it's too much work to remove it, you're putting your roof and your home at risk for damage. Allowing heavy snowpacks to build up on your roof can increase the risk of collapse. Not only that, but the bigger the snow pack, the bigger the risk for personal injury. To reduce the risk of home damage and personal injury, your roof should be cleared of snow on a regular basis throughout the winter months. 

Heavy Rain

Heavy rains don't just leave puddles throughout your yard, or flood your streets, they also pose a considerable threat to your roof. This is particularly true if you haven't repaired your roof in recent months, or if the rains are accompanied by strong winds. Heavy rains can expose weakened areas of the roof, leaving your home susceptible to leaks. Not only that. but once the winds arrive, those loosened areas can be picked up and torn off your roof. The best way to avoid those risks is to have your roof repaired before winter arrives. 


Finally, those innocent looking holiday decorations can cause serious damage to your roof, especially if they're not attached properly. Many people use large nails or screws to attach the decorations. Unfortunately, that type of hardware can damage your roof. If you're going to place holiday decorations on your roof this year, avoid using large nails and screws. Also, take them down as soon as the holiday season is over.

For more information, get in touch with a roofer in your area.