Own A Construction Company? 4 Reasons Your Company Should Be Actively Engaged In Recycling

If you own a construction company, it's time to start thinking about your recycling efforts. You might not think that construction companies have much to do with recycling, but that's not the case. Implementing a company-wide recycling program is good for you, good for business, and good for the environment. Take a look at some of the reasons you should be encouraging recycling in your company.

Make Some Money Off Your Construction Waste

If you run a thriving construction company, your crews probably generate a lot of construction waste. Most of that waste probably ends up at the local landfill. While that's a good place for waste to go, it's not necessarily the most efficient or beneficial. You might not realize this, but every load of construction waste that heads to the landfill probably contains products that you could have recycled. This is particularly true where scrap metal is concerned. Instead of sending the scrap metal construction waste to the landfill, recycle it for some spare cash, instead.

Reduce the Risk of Work-Related Injuries

If your construction sites are cluttered with construction waste, you're at an increased risk for work-related injuries. Unfortunately, injuries resulting from contact with scrap metal can be quite serious. One way to reduce the risk of those serious injuries is to implement a recycling program for your scrap metal. You can arrange to have the scrap metal picked up from your work sites on a weekly basis, which will help reduce the risks.

Be an Example to the Community

If you own a construction company, your name is out there in the community. Now that it's out there, you want it to be associated with positive attributes and actions. One way to do that is through the implementation of a company-wide recycling program. As you become active in recycling your construction waste, other companies will follow suit. You'll provide a positive role model for your community.

Protect the Environment

If you're concerned about the environment, you need to monitor your actions as a business owner. Sending large quantities of construction waste to the local landfill adds to the pollution and destroys the delicate eco-system. Not only that, but it increases your carbon footprint. You can do your part for the environment by insisting that your crews participate in worksite recycling programs. In addition to having your scrap metal picked up for recycling once a week, provide recycling bins at each of your construction sites. That way, you'll be sending less waste to the local landfills.

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