How Sealcoating Benefits Your Asphalt Driveway And Improves Curb Appeal

If you're fixing up your property by painting your home and adding attractive landscaping, don't forget about your driveway. An old and faded asphalt driveway is an eyesore, and it will undermine your efforts to improve the curb appeal of your property. Fortunately, you can improve the appearance of your driveway by having it sealcoated. A sealcoat is a thin protective layer applied to the asphalt that restores its dark color. Here's how sealcoating is applied and why it's beneficial for your driveway.

How Sealcoating Is Applied To Your Driveway

Applying sealcoating is a lot less labor intensive than resurfacing your driveway. However, the paving company has to decide if sealcoating is appropriate. Your driveway should be in good structural shape. Minor cracks can be filled in first, but major damage may require resurfacing instead, which involves applying a new top layer of hot asphalt. If your asphalt is faded, stained, and minorly cracked, then sealcoating is a good option.

The first step is to clean the asphalt thoroughly to get rid of weeds, sand, and dirt. Once it's clean, the asphalt has to dry before the sealcoating is applied. Minor cracks should be filled with asphalt crack sealer before the sealcoat is applied or the cracks will show through. Sealcoating can be sprayed onto the surface of your driveway, or it can be spread out with a squeegee. When finished, your driveway will have a dark color again so it complements your exterior home improvements.

How Sealcoating Benefits Your Driveway

Sealcoating is much more than a beauty enhancement for your driveway. It also forms a waterproof barrier that keeps rain from leaking into cracks and washing away soil under the asphalt. This, in turn, causes potholes to develop and cracks to widen. The sealcoat also protects your driveway from ultraviolet (UV) fading and stains from oil drips. The sealcoat itself will eventually get worn off of the asphalt, and when that happens, it can be applied again. It's much easier and more practical to apply a new sealcoat every few years than it is to resurface your driveway to keep it dark and in good repair.

Ideally, you should have new sealcoating applied regularly depending on how much traffic your driveway has. By keeping up with the sealcoat, you'll protect your driveway from UV and rain damage so that the asphalt lasts longer and always looks attractive to guests pulling onto your property. Talk to a paving company, such as Stritar Construction & Tree Service, about sealcoating to see if it is the right option for restoring the appearance of your asphalt.