Opening A Business? 3 Things You Need To Know About Automatic Doors

If you are opening a business, you want to make sure that you add the right features that will make your business accessible to all customers. One of the best ways to increase accessibility to your business is by installing automatic doors. Automatic doors allow people with a variety of mobility issues the ability to easily access your business.

#1 Automatic Doors Can Open Many Ways

When many people think of automatic doors, the first doors that come to mind are the big sliding doors that greet you as you enter the grocery store. However, these are far from the only kind of automatic door that you can install at your business.

Automatic doors can open a wide variety of ways. There are the traditional sliding automatic doors as well as swinging automatic doors and folding doors. If you don't have the room for big sliding doors, there are alternative automatic doors that you can install that work better with your space. 

#2 Automatic Doors Can Open Manually

Just because you make a door automatic doesn't mean that you lose the ability to open it manually. With all automatic doors, you can open and close the door manual.

How easy it is to manually operate the door depends on the type of automatic device installed on the door. Some automatic devices are designed to detect when someone is walking up and open the door. These doors generally require a little more force and strength to open manually in the event of a power supply breakdown.

Other automatic doors are designed to open when someone pushes a button but can otherwise be opened manually at all times. With these types of doors, the automatic feature attaches to the door when needed. These doors open just like a regular door unless the automatic button is engaged on the door.

#3 Waterproofing Protection Available

Third, waterproofing protection is available. If the door that you want to make automated is located outside or is located under an awning but still exposed to the elements, be sure to let the contractor know who is installing the door.

The contractor can install components that are weather resistant. This means that the cold rain, snow, and even ice will not hamper the operation of your automatic door.

If you want a business that is accessible to everyone, you should make sure that your entry doors are automatic. Basically, any door can be made into an automatic door with the right tools and retrofitting, or you can purchase an already made automatic door.

Automatic doors allow individuals with mobility issues as well as individuals with small children the ability to easily access your business. Automatic doors are an easy way to make your business welcome to everyone.