A Look At Repairing Your Foundation With Piers

Foundation problems are a homeowner's nightmare. When the foundation of your home shifts, the structure of your home can be in danger. Even a slight shift can cause problems with doors and windows closing. Shifts can also cause cracks in walls and the foundation. A foundation contractor, like those at RCW Construction, has a few different methods for repairing a foundation that has shifted due to soil problems underneath your home. One of them is to insert piers under your house. Here's a quick look at the process.

Piers Are Suitable For Most Types Of Soil

Piers are driven deep into the ground under your home until they hit rock or a type of soil able to support their weight. Even if your home is built on sand or other soil prone to shifting, piers can be used to stabilize the foundation since the piers rest on a strong base. There are different types of piers the contractor can choose from, and they are installed in different ways, but the end result is added support for the foundation of your house so it stops shifting due to movement of soil underneath it.

Piers Can Lift A Sunken Foundation

Piers are driven into the soil at intervals around your foundation. They can then be used as hydraulic jacks to slowly raise your sunken foundation so it is level again. Once your home is back to its original position, the piers are anchored into place. Your house then rests on the piers and is no longer affected by shifting soil.

Piers Are Good For Tight Places

One benefit of repairing a foundation with piers is that the piers can be installed even if there is very little available space around your home due to close neighbors. There is no need for large, heavy equipment to access the area. That also means your yard won't be destroyed in the process of lifting your foundation. However, the contractor needs to work around the perimeter of your home, so plants near your house will probably be sacrificed to give the contractor room to work.

Repairing a sunken foundation with piers is one option your contractor has, and it is a suitable choice in many cases. The first step is to have your foundation inspected by the contractor so your situation can be assessed. Then, the most appropriate way of addressing the problem can be discussed. However, when you want permanent results that protect your entire foundation so your family and home are safe, then using piers could be the best choice.