Three Reasons To Have Your Nursery Professionally Painted As A Mom To Be

You have all of your plans in place for the arrival of the new baby; the crib is put together, the layette is lined up, and you even have a few decorations for the nursery. However, you need to have the nursery painted to match the whole ensemble. As an expecting mother to be, you may be tempted to paint the nursery on your own, but it is a much better idea to hire a residential painting service for the project. Here are a few reasons why it is better to have the nursery painted by professionals than trying to do the job yourself. 

It is best to stay away from the paint fumes while you are expecting. 

For the most part, water-based latex paints don't seem to pose a lot of risks to a mom to be. However, no matter what kind of paint you use for your nursery, it does contain chemical compounds and it will put off fumes while it is being slathered on the walls. Many of these fumes are questionable and have not been thoroughly tested for their risks for pregnant mothers. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the room professionally painted so you don't have to be around it. 

It is best not to climb and stretch while pregnant. 

Even if you are considerably tall, painting any room will involve stretching and climbing around on a ladder to get those uppermost areas covered. When you have a swollen midsection and a baby throwing your usual balance off, climbing around and stretching can lead to a fall. Falls at any point in your pregnancy can be dangerous for you and your baby. The profession residential painting service will be happy to handle all this so you do not have to put you or your baby at risk. 

It is best to avoid dripping paint on the rest of your nursery. 

Ideally, you will paint the nursery before you have it outfitted with everything else, but this isn't usually what happens because most expectant mothers buy things as they find them. This means you will be left maneuvering around everything while you paint. This can mean that in your painting process, drips of paint on your newly purchased baby nursery items can happen and they probably will. When you hire a professional, they will take the time to move anything out of the way they can, and they will cover the rest so it is not damaged during the painting process. 

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