3 Parts of a Construction Inspection

When a home is being built, it is very important that it is built correctly. Cities and states have laws in place that require builders to have inspections at different points during the home building process. These inspections help to make sure that the home is being built correctly from the get go, and that it continues to follow building protocol as it is being finished. This article will discuss 3 different parts of the construction inspection in more detail. 

Concrete Pre-Placement Inspection

Before concrete is every poured for the home's foundation, an inspection needs to take place. This inspection assures that the soil is solid and compact enough to house the foundation and home. It also checks the framing for the foundation, the plumbing that has been installed, any steel work that has been completed, and more. If the home passes this portion of the construction inspection, then the builder can move forward with pouring the foundation. If not, then he may need to work with the soil to compact it more, redo some of the plumbing, and/or reset some of the frames to ensure that the cement is poured and dries properly. 

Framing Inspection

Once the entire home is framed, the roof is put into place, and all of the wiring and pipes for plumbing and electric are placed in the walls, then it is time for another inspection. During this inspection, the inspector has the opportunity to see what is going on inside of the walls, before he gives the go ahead to add insulation and then finish the walls. He will make sure that all of your plumbing and electrical work are up-to-code, and will also do an inspection to ensure that the framing is sound, and the roof is solid and will have no structural or leaking issues.

Final Inspection

In order for a home to be considered complete and deemed livable, it must pass the final construction inspection. During this inspection, each and every aspect of the homes makeup is inspected once more to ensure that it has been done correctly. It will again look over the plumbing and electrical work, the overall structure of the home, the foundation, the garage structure, and anything else that is pertinent to the inspection. If the home passes, then the walk through can be scheduled. If the home doesn't pass, then the builder will need to plan for a re-visit so they can fix what is wrong and have the inspector come back and check them off. 

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