Advantages Of An Attached Garage During A Custom Home Build

When you're designing your custom home, one of the things that you'll need to consider is the garage. There are many customizations you can make to the garage to ensure that it specifically suits your needs, but you'll also want to think about its location. While a detached garage — that is, placed separately from your home — can be visually appealing and offer a number of perks, there are several advantages to going the customary route of having this structure actually attached to your dwelling. Here are some advantages of taking the latter approach.

Less Expensive

Although a long list of factors can influence the cost of your garage construction, you'll generally find that attached garages are less expensive than their detached counterparts. The premise is simple — with a detached garage, you have four exterior sides to finish with siding, brick, or other common exterior building materials. When the garage is attached to your home, however, you may only have two or three exterior walls to finish, depending on the placement of the garage in relation to the home. You can save a significant amount of money by reducing the amount of exterior finishing products that you need for the garage, making an attached garage a cost-effective option.

Easier For Electricity

When you have an attached garage, the electricians who work on the building of your home will simply need to run wires through the walls of the home into the garage to supply it with power. In fact, some garages will even hold the home's circuit panel. When you opt for a detached garage, it will either need its own circuit panel, which can cost more and take more time to install, or need to have power run from the home to the garage. The latter approach can involve hiring a machine to dig a ditch between the two buildings in which to lay the wires.

Better For Plumbing

If you're looking to add valuable features to your garage, you may wish to have some plumbing fixtures. For example, a sink can be handy if you work on a car in the garage, while a toilet and shower can be desirable if you're planning to have a guest loft on the garage's upper floor. With an attached garage, these elements can be easily connected to the home's water source and drainpipes. With a detached garage, your plumbing contractor will need to run water lines and drainpipes from the home to the garage.

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