A Few Things To Think About When You Shop For A New Entry Door

If you're updating the exterior of the home, one thing you should consider is installing a new entry door. An entry door makes the first impression as guests enter your home, so one that looks luxurious and attractive sets the right mood. There are nearly endless options when it comes to entry door styles, so you won't have trouble finding something you like. Here are some things to think about when you shop for a new door.

Decide On The Basics

First, you want to know if the door will swing out or swing in. Another way of looking at it is whether the door is right-handed or left-handed related to looking at the knob from inside your house. Then, you'll need to decide if you simply want a replacement door, or if you want a door system. A door system includes the frame and decorative glass panels above and beside the door.

Be sure to take the exact height, width, and length measurements when you go to shop if you are replacing a door. If you want to expand the door opening to add a transom or sidelites, then you'll need to have your contractor open the wall so the new door will fit. A door of the exact size as your old door will slide right in and be an easy installation for the contractor.

Pick Out A Material

You can choose a door made from fiberglass, metal, or wood. Doors today are made to be energy efficient and sturdy, so any choice of material is good. The main differences between the options is the type of care they need. Steel doors might dent and need to be repaired. If they're scratched, the scratch should be filled in right away so the door doesn't start to rust. Besides that, the only maintenance a steel door needs is washing occasionally.

Fiberglass doors need very little maintenance at all and they tolerate weather extremes well. They might crack if an intruder tries to kick in the door, but other than that, the doors are durable and they will last for decades without deteriorating.

Wood doors are heavy and strong, so they offer good home security. They require the most care since wood is subject to insect invasion and decay from the weather. You'll need to paint or stain the door occasionally to keep it looking nice.

Add Accents

Adding accents to the doors drives up the cost. Steel doors have the least expensive base price, but they can end up costing more than wood doors if you add decorative glass to the door. When adding glass to the door you choose, think about energy loss. Buy insulated glass when possible that has multiple panes. A well-insulated door doesn't do much good if heat leaks out the glass window. In addition to choosing different kinds of glass, you can buy doors with surface texture or panels rather than buying a door with a smooth surface. A fiberglass door can be textured with wood grain to make it look like a solid wood door.

Besides appearance and energy efficiency, you also want to think about home security. Be sure your contractor installs a secure lock and deadbolt to your entry door so your home and family stay safe.