Damaged Porch And Chimney? What To Do About These Exterior Issues

If you have some damage to the exterior components of your home, like the chimney, front porch, and other areas, it is time to get these fixed before they lead to larger problems. You do not want to end up with water around the foundation of your house because it leaked down the chimney or porch, nor do you want to deal with water inside the home anywhere. Here are a few of the things you want to talk with the professional about when they come to the home to look at the problem.

Replace All Wood

If you have any wood around the top of the chimney, have it replaced so you do not have to worry about moisture, mold, rot, and pests. Instead, have the person put brick or metal in its place. In the past, wood was sometimes used to cap off the chimney, but this material can be a faulty choice.

Brick Replacement and Paint

Replacing the brick that is damaged is something that a chimney repair professional from a company like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service should be able to do, but it may be difficult for them to find brick that matches the original brick that was on the home. Instead, they may have to get brick that is similar, and then you can have the entire chimney repainted with masonry paint. What you decide will be up to you and how close the professional can get the bricks to match.

Porch Repairs

If the porch is sagging, it needs to be fixed by a concrete professional that can shift it back into proper place and that can fix it from sagging again. If there are a lot of cracks or damages to the porch, some areas may need new concrete to be poured, depending on the damages.

The exterior of your home is what protects it from things like moisture, pests, and weathering, so it is important that you take care of the property. If you can see that the porch, chimney, and other areas of the house need work on the outside, don't hesitate to get the problems fixed right away before there is more damage. The chimney should be cleaned and repaired so that you do not have to worry about more problems with it in the future, and you should consider having your foundation inspected if there was water around the base of the chimney or the porch.