Pre-Buying Tips For Your Company's Pre-Engineered Steel Building Purchase

If your company has expanded and you want to place a pre-engineered steel building on your property for additional space, then you will benefit by considering each of these important pre-buying tips:

Tip: Make Sure a Steel Building Meets Your Business Needs

While steel buildings are a good buy and often meet the needs of businesses, there are some times where a steel building isn't the best option for your business. For example, steel buildings are not optimal in areas that are:

  • excessively hot 
  • excessively cold
  • in coastal areas

In areas with salty air or extreme weather, there are other pre-engineered building types that are more appropriate, such as those made of wood or composite materials.

Tip: Ensure the Steel Building You Purchase Complies with Your Local Building Codes

Any pre-engineered steel building that you place on your company's land must comply with the local building codes. If you are purchasing your building from a local business, then they will be familiar with the code requirements for your area and this shouldn't be an issue. However, if you are considering a purchase from a distant company, then you need to make sure that the building will meet the building codes in your area pre-purchase. Buying a building that you cannot legally install on your property is a major waste of your company's time and money.

Tip: Compare Prices Between Steel Building Companies Before Purchasing

To get the best price for your new steel building, you should shop around by visiting as many steel building companies in your area as possible. Since different manufacturers make buildings with different sizes and amenities, shopping around will give you a clear idea of price per square foot as well as for any other specialty items you want, such as rolling doors or an add-on mudroom. By taking the time to comparison shop, you can negotiate the best price for your new building. 

Tip: Compare Warranties Between Companies Before Buying 

Finally, just as you should shop around to get the best price on your company's new steel building, you should also compare building and installation warranties between various steel building companies. For example, one company may warranty their building for ten years, while another may offer a 20-year warranty. The warranty should always be taken into consideration while you are making your purchase decision in case you have an issue with your building down the road. For more information, contact a business such as the Wheelwright Group.