Safety Tips For Operating A Rented Sewer Inspection Camera For The First Time

If you have a bit of a DIY spirit and want to save some money on your sewer repair project, then you will be pleased to learn that you can rent a sewer camera at your local home improvement store. The sewer camera is mounted on the end of a long fiber optic cable that you slowly feed into your sewer line in the same way that you insert a drain auger to clear a clog. As the sewer camera passes through your pipes, you will be able to view the root cause of any problems before you start digging things up. However, if you have never used a sewer inspection camera before, there are some special safety considerations you need to know, including each of the following tips:

Tip: Always Wear Disposable Gloves when Working With Your Home's Sewer System

As you might imagine, the inside of your home's sewer line is filled with many different types of harmful bacteria that can make you sick. To avoid getting any of the bacteria on your skin, you should always wear disposable latex gloves while working with a sewer camera. If you prefer to have longer gloves that will come up above your wrists, you can purchase a pair of latex dish washing gloves to use for this task. Once you are finished cleaning your sewer, you should throw the gloves away.

Tip: Only Plug the Sewer Inspection Camera into a Grounded Power Receptacle

When you plug the rented sewer inspection camera to to use it, make sure that it is plugged into a power receptacle that is grounded with an internal ground wire. This is very important because the ground wire is what will protect you in case the machine malfunctions and shocks you. Also, if you need to use an extension cord with the sewer camera, then you need to use a heavy-duty extension cord that is designed for use outdoors. 

Tip: Never Operate a Sewer Camera While Standing in a Puddle of Water

Finally, since your sewer inspection camera is an electrical appliance, it is vital that you never operate it while standing in a puddle of water. If you stand in water and the sewer camera's system gives off an electrical shock, then you could become electrocuted and die. Only operate a sewer inspection camera from dry ground and never in the rain or during a thunderstorm.

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, you can contact a professional sewer inspection company, like Rapid Rooter Inc, to help you with this project.