Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Shower

What most homeowners come to find as shocking is the fact that there are a lot of flooring options to choose from for your shower. For example, you might consider a glass mosaic or a marble floor depending on your style. Naturally, it is a good idea to learn a little more about your options so you can make the right choice.


Chances are pretty good a wood flooring was not something you even considered being an option because wood and water don't usually mix. However, it is a great choice for draining and will not wear out quickly if you get it properly sealed. Wood flooring can give your bathroom a very homely feel, and it blends nicely with just about any décor. That's not to say it can't get warped over time, but if you take care of it, then it will last a while.


Travertine is a rock composed of calcium carbonate. It is found in mineral springs and is light in appearance. Travertine is a popular choice because it's got such a great variety of styles and colors. You can get it polished, tumbled, or chiseled, and it has a great slip-resistant feature. Like wood, it needs to be sealed to last for a long time in your shower.


When you think luxury bathroom, marble probably comes to mind. In addition to being an option for your countertops, it can be used on your shower floor as well. Marble flooring comes in a polished or matte finish, so you have a lot of great options. Unfortunately, marble is going to be one of the more expensive options you can find for your shower floor.


A glass floor can be a bright and creative spot in your bathroom. There are many choices of glass mosaics, and this type of flooring is a breeze to clean. It looks as high-end as marble, but it doesn't cost as much.

Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain tiles are another popular choice because of their durability. They are waterproof and stand up well to water over time.


Concrete might not be a type of flooring you think about when it comes to a shower floor, but it does well. It can be colored with chemicals and resists mold. You can use an acid-based stain to color the concrete and create a rock effect. You can get this type of acid from your local hardware store. Be careful with it and wear gloves so you don't get the acid on your hands, and make sure to cover up your faucets to protect the metal.

If you prefer a less extreme and option that is safer, you can stamp the concrete with an overlay made to look like stone or make some other decorative statement. If you don't want to stain or stamp the concrete, you can use it as is as long as you seal it with a waterproofing agent.

With tons of options to consider, you should have no trouble giving your shower the perfect floor. Talk to a contractor such as Albrecht & Son LLC for more ideas about what type of shower floor might be a good fit for you.