Choosing Fencing For Your Rental Property

If you have just purchased your first rental property, your tenant's safety and enjoyment is probably one of your main concerns. Once you are satisfied that the interior is safe and in good condition, the outside of your unit needs your attention. One way to increase your tenant's safety and enhance the curb appeal of your rental property is with quality fencing. There are many options available. Consider these common fencing choices for your rental property.

Picket Fences and Wooden Fences

These cute little fences provide a barrier to the street and prevent young children and larger pets from wandering into the street. Don't count on the fence preventing cats from escaping, but most dogs can be deterred with a simple picket or garden fence. They also prevent strangers or curious neighbors from wandering onto the property and cut down on neighborhood kids taking a shortcut through the yard. Wooden fences are relatively inexpensive, but do require regular maintenance. These fences make a great backdrop for perennial beds and shrubs and keep them safely out of the reach of intruders, too. If you plan to landscape the property, a wooden fence can work as a border to the beds, too.

Wrought Iron Fences

These stately fences give your property a more sophisticated look and are great as a security feature. Adding wrought iron fencing around your rental property increases your property's curb appeal with keeping intruders out. Like the picket fence, wrought iron fences create a striking backdrop for flowering plants and can even be used for as a ready-made trellis for climbing or vining plants and flowers. While they can be expensive to install, if your rental property is in an upscale neighborhood or in a historic neighborhood, wrought may be just what are looking for to enhance your property's appearance while providing safety for your tenants.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. Some designs even look like picket or wooden fences, but they don't require the maintenance of wooden fences. These fences don't rust like metal fencing can and are not susceptible to mold or rot. Choose this option if you are looking for something more care-free than wood, but that still allows your tenants to see outside the yard.

Chain Link Fences

If your major concern is to block entrance to the area from intruders or to separate your property from public areas, a chain link fence will do the trick. While it has a more industrial look, it is great for bordering parking lots and play areas for kids. Think chain link fences around basketball courts or any area where your tenant's children play. It can be installed in the ground or erected on pavement or concrete and provides an effective security fence.

Privacy Fences

If your rental property is located close to other buildings, is adjacent to unattractive views or is close to busy highways, a privacy fence will cut down on noise and give your tenant a secluded area to relax and enjoy time outside. Consider a six -foot privacy fence for backyards to block out prying eyes and create a play area for little ones, or to prevent neighbors from looking in on fist floor rooms.

Construction Fences

If you intend to do repairs or renovations on your new rental property, you may also need construction fences to secure the area and prevent injuries. You can rent construction fencing that can be erected on pavement and taken down when the work is done. These fences prevent theft from the construction site while preventing potential tenants or curious neighbors from wandering into the danger zone. If you have several adjoining units and decide to rent some while construction is underway on others, a construction fence is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Choosing the right fence for your rental property is important. Take the time to write down what you hope to accomplish with a fence and choose one that best suits your needs. If you have concerns or questions about different types of fencing, visit your local home improvement center or a fencing company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence to view the options available. Local fencing contractors are also valuable resources for helping you choose the right fencing for your rental property.