3 Decisions You Will Have To Make If Building A Sunken Living Room

Hiring a residential architect to create a home design for you is the best way to get the perfect layout for your new house. As you are deciding what you want in a home, you may come across pictures of sunken living rooms. A sunken living room is a wonderful feature for a new house, but it is something you must plan for before the house is built. Here are three things you will need to choose as you prepare to build a sunken living room in your house.

You Must Choose The Size

The first thing you will have to decide is how big you want this area. You can lower the floor in the entire living room area if you want, or you could lower only part of it. If you choose to lower only part of it, the remaining space will be on the same level as the other rooms on that floor. The section you lower could simply be the middle part of the room, and you can use this space for a sitting area. It could include a couch, loveseat, and TV if you wish.

Choosing the amount of space you would like sunken is vital for the contractor to know prior to building your house.

You Must Choose The Depth

The second decision is the depth. How low do you want this level to be? You can have a sunken living room a few inches down or several feet down. Because this area in your home will be lower than the rest of the rooms on the main level, the base of it will stick into your basement or crawlspace. The contractor may need to place floor joists under it to hold it, and these will be visible from underneath.

The depth you choose will determine how many steps you need to enter this area. If you only lower the area by six inches, you will not need to build steps to get into it. If it is deeper than this, you may need steps to enter. Depending on the size you choose and the depth of this room, you may need to have several sets of steps going into this area.

In addition, if you will need several steps due to the depth of the space, you will need to either place walls around the space or insert a hand rail around it. This is necessary for safety purposes, and it might be a requirement according to building codes.

You Must Choose The Shape

The third thing to consider is what shape you would like for this area. You could choose a square shape, rectangular shape, or circular shape. Choosing a circular shape may be the hardest when it comes to finding furniture that will fit right, but you can also order custom furniture if necessary. If the room is square or rectangular, you may also need to order custom furniture, but this is generally only the case if the sunken space is small.

Circular-shaped sunken rooms may also be slightly harder to build than rooms that are square or rectangular in shape. If you are not sure which shape to choose, talk to your architect about it to get some advice, suggestions, and ideas.

Making all these decisions can be difficult, but it can be easier if you look at pictures of examples. This will help you select the right size, shape, and depth for your sunken living room, and it may help you determine a plan for decorating it. If you would like to learn more about this, contact an architect that offers residential home plans.