Five Custom Enhancements For A Residential Swimming Pool

If you own an in-ground swimming pool, consider customizing it with aesthetic enhancements. Doing so may increase the value should you decide to sell your home in the future. Custom features can make your swimming experience more enjoyable as well. Enhancements such as waterfalls, jets and water slides are a few additions to maximize your experience.

Where to Begin

When you add customization to your backyard pool, you have the option of installing the enhancements yourself or hiring a contractor to do the work for you. That decision may depend upon the extent of the project and your own expertise (or lack thereof). If you're knowledgeable and enjoy do-it-yourself projects, you can buy a ready-made kit at most swimming pool supply companies. If you haven't the time or inclination, it's best to leave the installation and upgrades to a professional.

The next step will be deciding on the additions for your pool. Deciding factors may include cost, pool size and design, as well as personal preference. To help inspire you, here are five popular enhancements:

1. A Custom Waterfall

Do you own a straight wall or curved wall swimming pool? Either way, you may order a faux-rock design waterfall from a dealer that specializes in these enhancements. Swimming pool waterfalls may be trimmed using a utility knife, creating a customized fit. Many are made from granite and resin materials, making them durable for years of enjoyment.

As the water cascades down, it will create a peaceful sound. You may choose a pre-made waterfall or one that is custom designed. For a unique touch, choose a design that resembles a rustic rock cave formation. You may also choose the height of the waterfall, which typically will be within the three feet range or higher.

2. Pool Fountain Bubbler With LED Lights

If you wish to go the easy route, choose a pre-assembled kit. Bubbling fountains with color-changing lights create a brilliant display for everyday use and for entertaining. A lighted bubbler can also illuminate a pool's built-in steps. Lighted bubblers are also energy efficient, as they do not require a strong water flow.

3. Laminar or Deck Jets

If you'd like to create an arc or stream of water from your pool deck, this is the way to go. The laminar jets may also be installed in nearby landscapes, allowing the stream of water to cascade into your swimming pool. A jet of water may be as high as six or seven feet. You may also choose a complementary color such as tan, gray or brown for the laminar lids.

4. Swimming Pool Heater

This enhancement is solely for comfort rather than aesthetic appeal. A heated pool will allow you to enjoy a swim on a chilly night. Choose a pool heater that runs quietly and is energy efficient. Quick heat-up is another feature to look for.

Many pool heaters are equipped with digital automated controls. A programmable electronic control system allows you to set the functions ahead of time. A hand-held remote controller may also be illuminated for nighttime use.

An inexpensive heating option to consider are solar heating panels. This will generate heat from the sun rather than utilize gas or electricity. Solar heaters are long-lasting as well.

5. Swimming Pool Water Slide

A custom-built fiberglass water slide is durable and will create fun for everyone. Most do not require plumbing and include handrails for safety. You'll need to be certain your pool has the required depth of water. Check the weight capacity of the water slide as well.

In conclusion, whether you're installing fountains, water slides or heaters, all custom pools cape enhancements should include a decent warranty. Repairs can be costly, therefore a warranty can offer the protection you need.