3 Home Modifications Needed Before Your In-Laws Move In

If you are preparing for your in-laws to move in with you, there may be some things you will need to do around the house to get your house ready for them. One of these things might involve rearranging the space you have in your home to offer them private living quarters, but there are also three other important things you may want to do before this day arrives.

Replace Your Water Heater

You may not think about this, but when more people live in a house, the water consumption can significantly increase. When your in-laws move in, you may need more hot water for:

  • Bathing
  • Cooking and doing dishes
  • Laundry

If you recently replaced your hot water heater, your new one might be sufficient. If yours is old though, it might be wise to contact a water heater repair company that sells, installs, and repairs hot water heaters. They can run an analysis to determine if your existing heater will be large enough. If it is not, you have two options.

The first option is to replace it with a system that is larger. If your current tank holds 40 gallons of water, you might want to get a system that holds 60 or 80 gallons.

The second option you have is to add an additional hot water heater to your home. With two hot water heaters, you should have plenty of hot water for the additional family members living in your house.

Get a Furnace Checkup and Cleaning

The second thing you may want to do is to hire a heating and air conditioning company to perform maintenance on your existing furnace and AC system. Older people tend to like it warm in a house, while you may prefer keeping it cooler.

An HVAC company could perform a:

  • Checkup of the system – This is done simply to make sure the system and it components are all in good working condition. It may also include replacing the filter on the system.
  • Cleaning – Maintenance on a heating system can also include a cleaning. Cleaning your system yearly is a great way to keep it running efficiently over the winter.

This would also be a good time to find out if there are any adjustments you could make to ensure that the temperature in the house is comfortable for everyone. One suggestion the company might have is adding an additional thermostat to the house and separating the system into zones. While this can be costly, it could be very beneficial as well.

Install Safety Features

Finally, you may want to talk to a construction contractor about making some modifications to your home to make it safer. If your in-laws have any types of mobility issues, you may need to make changes simply to accommodate them. This could include:

  • Widening some of the doorways so they can access rooms from their wheelchairs
  • Adding a wheelchair ramp if necessary
  • Replacing the bathtub with a shower that is safer for them to use
  • Adding railings by the toilets or shower to make bathing easier
  • Putting an addition on your house to accommodate them

If they are in wheelchairs, the work you must do will be harder and may cost more, but these things will be necessary.

Before you decide to have your in-laws move in with you, it's also important to think about privacy and other important issues you may have. Once you make this decision, you could then talk to the right types of contractors for the job, and they will be able to help you get the work done that is needed before the move takes place.